Custom designed artistic glass


We specialize in the production of glass partitions, windows, ceilings, railings and many more. Our projects are "made to measure" - individually, according to customer needs. Our Studio offers a full range of techniques including: fused glass, printing on glass, sandblasting, etching etc. Below you can read more about the techniques, every description is followed by pictures, so you'll have a broader view of the available options.

  • A heat-processed glass at a range of high temperatures. Glass can be colored throughout the mass, with multi-colored frits/ powders or painted with ceramic paints and enamels. The surface can be smooth or textured, depending on the needs. This technique can be applied for unique art objects - sculptures and for more "everyday purposes" - walls, doors, facade panels.

  • Kiln formed neutral, transparent glass. In high temperatures, liquid glass takes the desired shape. The molds, on the bottom of the kiln are the stencil for our glass panel. By using a variety of techniques we are able to reproduce on glass different kind of patterns, abstract ones or precise, detailed picture. A multitude of effects makes this technique versatile, matching many styles.

  • A mechanical process of imprinting images on glass  in which the surface of glass is roughened using a high pressure jet of abrasive material (sand or corundum). The abrasive material removes the outer surface of glass, which results in visible matting. Special stencils allows to create intricate patterns with sharp, precise contours. With an extraordinary accuracy we are able to transfer ornaments and text onto the glass. This technique can be applied for all types of objects: doors, partitions, ceilings and also for commemorial plaques and art objects.

  • A printing technique whereby a screen mesh is used to transfer opaque or translucent ceramic ink on the surface of glass. The kiln fired printed image is permanent. With screen printing method we can easly transfer onto the glass: graphics, texts and even (processed digitaly) photography. Silk screen printing is used mainly for utility object such as informational or commemorative plaques. However, we also successfully include it for creating artistic objects and decorative glass in interiors.



Why we recomend our Art Glass ?

Competitive prices

While maintaining high quality standards of our products, we are able to provide competitive prices working within your budget. Our prices incude project, art glass execution and (in most cases) installation service. If needed, we can offer international shipment. Our prices varies according to the complexity of the work. Therefore, we don't provide a price list here. For all inquiries, please contact us! We are always open to negotiating payment terms (eg. payment in instalments).

Full technical facilities

 Our Stained Glass Studio, buit in 2009, was designed especially for this purpose. Therefore we'are able to undertake large-scale and complex commissions. New studio has all  machines and technical equipment needed to create glass works in various techniques: slumped glass, stained glass, mosaics. In two-storey production hall you'll find large easels, four glass kilns (up to 1,5 x 3 meters) and grinding machines. We use quality components from biggest European and American supplyers. We cooperate with specialists from different fields which allows us to create most demanding projects, artistic and utilitarian objects.

40 years on the market

Your commission will be dealt with by experienced professionals with rich achievements.
Our works decorate Private, Public & Commercial buildings. Our works are can be found all over the world (USA, Japan, Korea, Austria, England, Scotland, Finland, Lithuania).

We've been working for the most demanding customers like: Polish National Security Bureau, Polish Supreme Audit Office, Hyatt Regency, Victoria Sofitel Hotel in Warsaw and many others. Our long presence on the market and recognition are a guarantee of the quality of services.

Time proven work methods

The philosophy of our Studio is to combine design and execution processes into one inseparable whole. Our designers are also "the makers" - they participate in every stage of the creation, supervising the production of the art glass piece from its very beginning to the end and working on it with his own hand. Such approach results with the best final effect.
Already starting the design of a art glass window or object, the creator is aware of the technical possibilities and characteristics of this technique. Consequently, he's able to create coherent work, adapted to the location, eastethicaly and technicaly accurate.


Art glass with the spirit

Each art glass work is absolutly one of the kind and unique, created to individual order. We begin the design process with an initial consultation at our Studio or at the client's home or place, where the project will be occurring. We study the location in terms of orientation towards the sides of the world and intensity of natural light. We advise on technical issues (e.g. type of frames, divisions) and with conceptual ones - the choice of style and motives matching the interior. We discuss with the clients all aesthetical aspects so we can better understand their vision and taste and prepare the project that will fully meet their expectations. We can guarantee the highest levels of quality and professionalism at every stage of the project.

Art glass offers us an incredibly wide range of possibilities. Depending on the design it can match modern and classic architecture. This technique can be applied for unique art objects - sculptures and for more "everyday purposes" - walls, doors, facade panels. We strive to create the project that will compliment the space the best possible way and bring the special touch to it.