Custom designed stained glass

Nothing can transform a space like colorful stained glass that filters the light and creates a unique atmosphere. Colorful play of the lights on the walls and floor while the sun changes its position throughout the day. No wonder we keep talking about the "magic of light". Once the stained glass appears in the bland, boring interior (of a private apartment or public building) it raises it to another level.

Beyond the obvious decorative features, stained glass window has also practical functions. It can efficiently cover unwanted view or protect us from excessive sunlight or... nosy neighbour. Stained glass can fit both classic and modern interior. It can be simple, minimalist geometric pattern or sophisticated arabesque. It can be abstract or with very elaborate depiction of chosen motifs. The art of stained glass is the art of conscious use of light. Our experienced designers will provide custom designs tailored to your needs that will complement the interior the best possible way.

  • Simple stained glass consisting of bigger and more regular shapes. This technique is affordable than classic stained glass and it's simplicity can delight. The use of such glazing type is versatile - from historical architecture to modern lofts.

  • Stained glass windows in unusual shapes and techniques. Sometimes in the form of 3D structures. Stained glass means not only a "window". Many interesting things can be created from the stained glass - a highlighted bar in a restaurant, a sculpture or an artistic installation.

    We are open to new (even the craziest) ideas.

  • Stained glass manufacturing technique created in XIX century in USA, named after its creator Louis Comfort Tiffany. This method consist on wrapping the pieces of glass with copper foil and soldering them together along the length of the seams. Copper foil ise used as an alternative to lead, allows to assembly smaler and more irregular pieces of glass. Mostly used for lampshades and 3D objects, however it's also a perfect solution for full-size glazings - windows or door inserts. 
  • Technique originating from the Middle Ages. The small pieces of glass are arranged to form patterns or pictures, held together with soldered lead cames. Glass can be additionaly painted. Classic stained glass is used both in sacred and secular interiors. The most important is the project, that should match the aesthetics of a given interior - either classic or modern.



Why we recomend our stained glass?

Stained glass with the spirit

Each stained glass window is absolutly one of the kind and unique, created to individual order. We begin the design process with an initial consultation at our Studio or at the client's home or place, where the project will be occurring. We study the location in terms of orientation towards the sides of the world and intensity of natural light. We advise on technical issues (e.g. type of frames, divisions) and with conceptual ones - the choice of style and motives matching the interior. We also help to prepare theological program for sacral stained glass windows. We discuss with the clients all aesthetical aspects so we can better understand their vision and taste and prepare the project that will fully meet their expectations. We can guarantee the highest levels of quality and professionalism at every stage of the project.

There's no words to explain the magic of stained glass. The gentle play of the light casting through the stained glass creates unbelievable atmosphere and instantly transform blend room into a dreamy space. We strive to create the project that will compliment the space the best possible way and bring the special touch to it.



Time proven work methods

The philosophy of our Studio is to combine design and execution processes into one inseparable whole. Our designers are also "the makers" - they participate in every stage of the creation, supervising the production of the stained glass piece from its very beginning to the end and working on it with his own hand. Such approach results with the best final effect.
Already starting the design of a stained glass window, the creator is aware of the technical possibilities and characteristics of this technique. Consequently, he's able to create coherent work, adapted to the location, eastethicaly and technicaly accurate.



40 years on the market


Our team was created and tutored by the legend of Polish stained glass Teresa Maria Reklewska over 40 years ago.
Your commission will be dealt with by experienced professionals with rich achievements.
Our works decorate Churches, Private, Public & Commercial buildings. We have done monumental stained glass windows for gothic cathedrals as well as contemporary ones, destined for modern architecture. Our works are in Poland and abroad (USA, Japan, Korea, Austria, England, Scotland, Finland, Lithuania). We have worked for the most demanding clients ( Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, NIK, BGK, PZU, World Association of Home Army Soldiers, The Order of the Jesuits and many others). Our long presence on the market and recognition are a guarantee of the quality of services.


Full technical facilities

Our Stained Glass Studio, buit in 2009, was designed especially for this purpose. Therefore we'are able to undertake large-scale and complex commissions. New studio has all  machines and technical equipment needed to create glass works in various techniques: slumped glass, stained glass, mosaics. In two-storey production hall you'll find large easels, four glass kilns (up to 1,5 x 3 meters) and grinding machines. First floor of our Studio is destined for glass cutting and stained glass assebly. We use quality components from biggest European and American supplyers. In our work, we try to combine tested methods from old stained glass masters with the new technologies. Both together guarantee best visual values and durability.

Competitive prices

While maintaining high quality standards of our products, we are able to provide competitive prices working within your budget. Our prices incude project, stained glass execution and (in most cases) installation service. If needed, we can offer international shipment. Our prices varies according to the complexity of the work. Therefore, we don't provide a price list here. For all inquiries, please contact us! We are always open to negotiating payment terms (eg. payment in instalments).