Clear Textured Art Glass

Kiln formed neutral, transparent glass. In high temperatures, liquid glass takes the desired shape. The molds, on the bottom of the kiln are the stencil for our glass panel. By using a variety of techniques we are able to reproduce on glass different kind of patterns, abstract ones or precise, detailed picture. A multitude of effects makes this technique versatile, matching many styles.

We offer many kinds of textures:
- simple
(geometric, abstract without use of advanced forming patterns methods)
- complex
(advanced pattern - precise picture of e.g. flowers, letters or complex abstract relief)
Glass reliefs are often subjected to further processing like bending or sandblasting. The edges are mashine polished or raw.






Size. The size of the glass panel can't exceed 1.5 m x 3 m. For larger dimesions, additional divisions should be considered.
Reinforcement. The thicker the glass the greater the durability. Fused glass panels can be tempered for safety reasons.
Project.  Our projects are prepared as a digital file. Additionaly we offer to make a sample of glass to ensure the final effect.
Material. For slumped and fused glass panels -  3 to 19 mm thick glass sheet.