Glass mosaic design and execution

baner mozaika



The depth and durability of the color, the noble texture, stunning glittery gold inserts - these factors are making the mosaic technique willingly chosen by architects for spaces requiring unique big scale, dashing adornment. Mosaic can be a decoration of a wall, architectural detail, furniture. It works perfectly in both secular and sacred contexts. In the private space of the residences as well as in the public buildings. Using a wide range of means of expression - from a realistic representation to a painting abstraction - the mosaic contributes to the unique character and charm of the interior.



Our strongest feature is to combine the design and manufacture processes

From the very early stage of the designing process we try to think about the project globally - taking into consideration location of the building relative to the sides of the world (intensity of sunlight) and the character of the interior. Our designers are also the executors that constantly watch over the manufacture process (due to the scale and labor - intensive type of work , most of the mosaics are made in teams). To combine design and manufacture processes into one entity gives the best result.


25 years of experience in mosaic production

Your order will be executed by a team that has done a series of mosaic works with a high degree of complexity. We specialize in custom designed mosaic both for interior and exterior applications for luxury homes and commercial projects in Poland and abroad. We provide counseling with design and technical issues.


Wide range of techniques and materials

We're working in classic venetian mosaic technique (called smalti) and glass mosaic (made of flat glass sheets cut into shapes). The surface of working space in our Studio allows us to create large-scale mosaic works. Production of mosaics is based on traditional methods derived from medieval times, combined with new technologies, providing quick and efficient installation on site. 


Affordable prices

We try to make our prices competitive while keeping the highest quality of the products. They are reasonable considering the complexity of our offer. The cost of the project is included in total price. We do not provide a price list here, because the valuation of our services is dependent on the specific artistic project, chosen type of material and the destination site. Due to the long-term process of mosaic creation, we are always open to negotiate payment terms eg. installment payment.


mozaika korea tworzenie




 mozaika shiba japonia mozaika w technice tradycyjnej ze smalty z wenecji

Venetian (smalti) mosaic - traditional technique with authentic smalti glass from Italy (in the picture - our mosaic in Tokyo Commerce School)


opus dei mozaika ze szkla witrazowego

Flat glass mosaic - glass pieces are cut of flat opaque glass sheet (in the picture - our mosaic in Opus Dei chapel in Warsaw)