Access to the studio

Our address:
Dzieciola 1, 04 - 988 Warszawa

We are located in Warszawa (District Wawer). This is the southern park of the city on the right bank of the Vistula river, just next to the future POW - Warsaw Southern Bypass (now advanced building works are in progress).
Getting to us from the Warszawa downtown, thanks to the two-lane roadway of Wał Miedzeszyński street is very convenient and takes about 20 minutes (off-peak hours, ie from 8 to 14). And from 2020, the access to us will be very comfortable - the node of the future POW is already being built - 300 meters from our headquarters.
Below the map we describe the details

You can see accesss in W3W application: 

Coming from the downtown it is most convenient to reach us through the Wał Miedzeszyński street:

  1. take the Wał Miedzeszyński street, which is two-lane, direction: Puławy. In non rush hours driving is extremely comfortable

  2. pass a roundabout - intersection with Trakt Lubelski street, and go straight ahead - Wał Miedzeszyński street changes into a single-lane

  3. driving further about 150 meters, we pass the Shell fuel station on the right

  4. after passing the petrol station, go further 20 meters and pass the Przewodowa street, with a separate left turn (we do not turn!)

  5. after passing Przewodowa street go about 300 meters straight ahead and just before building area of POW turn on the left in the first street - Rosiczki street (asphalt surface). It is near "Ogórkowa" bus stop.

  6. drive along Rosiczki street, on the left pass the headquarters of the Venezia company. Behind this large office building, on the left is the next building with the characteristic, the only one in the area - arched roof - this is our studio

  7. from Rosiczki street turn into the first street on the left - Dzięcioła street (asphalt surface), where on the left there is a parking lot for our guests and entrance to the Studio.


If you are interested in the implementation of your order with us (or without such an intention!), please visit us! We often work outside the studio, therefore we advise you to make an appointment by phone:
phone: +48 22 740 41 37 or cell.: +48 601 80 30 58.

Or send an e-mail, please: