Pawel Przyrowski - stained glass art glass designer


pawel profil


Student of Teresa Maria Reklewska with whom he cooperated since 1979. Art director and designer at the WITRAŻE s.c. (together with Tomasz Tuszko). A member of the The Association of Polish Artists and Designers (Związek Polskich Artystów Plastyków, ZPAP) and The Polish Council of Christians and Jews.

The period of artistic independence of Paweł Przyrowski, before he became one of the pillars of the WITRAŻE s.c. Studio, was preceded by a series of works created under the artistic guidance of its founder. One of his most important achievements from this time is commision for monumental windows in St. Andrzej Bobola Sanctuary in Warsaw, executed together with Teresa Maria Reklewska. This work became one of the most important examples of XXth century sacral art in Poland.
Another technique in which Paweł Przyrowski expresses himself as the artist is kiln-formed hot glass. A significant work created in this technique is a set of three glass tablets entitled "Three Roads", created for the ecumenical Gniezno Convention in 2005. Each one of them is dedicated to another monoteist religion: christianity, judaism and islam and contains their credo. The raw texture of the glass gives the impression of an ancient object. The massiveness and form of glass panels, recalling stone tablets, stands in opposition to the common feeling of glass as a delicate and fragile material, while its transparency, the light that illuminates it, leads to reflection on the light of God, penetrating us through the veil of material reality.

"Working along with Teresa Reklewska for many years, helped me to find the real value in subordinating my creative personality to the requirements of the work I was co-inventing. In my works - and I express myself best in monumental works - I am looking for inspiration in the broadest context of the intended work , its relationship with the function and spirit of the interior to which he is destined."