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Christmas 2018

23 December 2018 Written by

What type of the stained glass fits your interior?

03 March 2018 Written by

Without a doubt, the stained glass window is a unique element of the interior. Internet is flooded with beautiful pictures of interiors decorated with colorful windows: from classic, elegant apartments to modern avant-garde lofts. How not to get lost  in this vast amount of inspirations and choose something suitable for us?

Theological program for the sacral stained glass

03 March 2018 Written by
Good stained glass windows - the way they filter the light, its colors, the choice of the motifs - all that co-create sacral space. We are aware of this when we create stained glass windows for church interiors in our Studio. Our offer includes preparation of art projects and consultations - both artistic and technical. We also consult the theological program of windows.

Easter 2017

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Christmas 2016

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Christmas 2015

23 December 2015 Written by

"Painted by glass. Made in Germany." Best artistic & stained glass works from Derix studio in Krosno, Poland

10 August 2015 Written by

The exhibition was organized in Krosno Glass Heritage Centre ( Several dozen works in glass, in various techniques, all made in Derix studio has been presented.

Easter 2015

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Christmas 2014

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Easter 2014

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