Teresa Tuszko



A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. She studied at Wrocław University of Technology and École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture in Nantes. Although the theme of artistic glass has accompanied her since childhood, she started working at WITRAŻE s.c. Studio in 2015. Currently, she is responsible for designing and executing works in stained glass, kiln-formed glass and mosaic techniques. She works also as a graphic designer and co-owns a vintage fashion boutique.


"Looking at current interior design trends, I have impression that after (quite misinterpreted) minimalism, there is finally a return to something balanced and closer to man and nature. I am glad that people, arranging the space around them, more and more often reach for unusual ideas, not limiting themselves to easy solutions available in chain stores. Instead of that, they focus on the quality of workmanship, noble materials and good design. Working in WITRAŻE s.c. I would like to put emphasis on the promotion of craftmanship in the context of modern solutions and modern thinking about architecture / space, show a multitude of applications and stylistic diversity that can be achieved using various glass techniques. Also, I'd like to "disenchant" the stained glass, associated mainly with sacral and classical architecture."