Silk-Screen Printing on the Glass

A printing technique whereby a screen mesh is used to transfer opaque or translucent ceramic ink on the surface of glass. The kiln fired printed image is permanent. With screen printing method we can easly transfer onto the glass: graphics, texts and even (processed digitaly) photography. Silk screen printing is used mainly for utility object such as informational or commemorative plaques. However, we also successfully include it for creating artistic objects and decorative glass in interiors.

Screen printing is performed on smooth, colored or neutral glass. The effect is durable and resistant to weather conditions so it can be applied for inside and outside objects.The screen printing technique suits new interiors, allowing to create modern graphic compositions. But It works as well combined with traditional techniques, such as stained glass.


Linotype printed on glass, combined with classic stained glass technique

wroclaw witraze kalina2

Modern stained glass window in St.Elisabeth Church in Wrocław - screen printing in ecclesiastical art

szklana tablica Tadeusz Mazowiecki 2

Commemorative plaque - digitally processed photography transfered onto glass


Screen printing method is often used by us to create comemorative and informational plaques. Digitaly processed photography is more elegant and legible than unprocessed one.


Size. The size of the glass panel can't exceed 1.5 m x 3 m. For larger dimesions, additional divisions should be considered.
Durability. Ceramic paints, fired in high temperatures are everlasting. they can also be used outdoors, exposed to weather conditions.
Project.  Our projects are prepared as a digital file. Additionaly we offer to make a sample of glass to ensure the final effect.
Photo processing. We guarantee a graphic support: to print the photo on the glass, we just need a regular photo provided by the client - we will convert it to a raster.
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