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Welcome to our Studio,


The building was designed by arch. Ewa Tuszko especially for this purpose. Construction works began in June 2007. We moved in to the new location in February 2009.

Our goal was to create a space that will meet all our needs: adjusted for undertaking large-scale and complex commissions. Our new place had to be convenient, functional workspace, but our second aim was to create also a space suitable for an art gallery. Both these goals were achieved. New studio has all machines and technical equipment needed to create glass works in various techniques: slumped glass, stained glass, mosaics. On The top floor of the Studio is a gallery of our works. The gallery is available for visiting every day during business hours. Occasionally, we organize here temporary exhibitions.
A production hall is on the ground floor. This is where the most of the technical works are carried out. There is also a 6 meters high large window with an easel, designed for painting stained glass. We have got one small and four large kilns for hot glass works. On the first floor you'll find: an office space, a design studio, glass samplers, glass storage and a social facilities.


Please contact us before visit!

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However, If you are too far away, You can take a virtual tour with Google Panorama 360 ° and take a look at every corner of our Studio! :)