Colored Fused Art Glass

A heat-processed glass at a range of high temperatures. Glass can be colored throughout the mass, with multi-colored frits/ powders or painted with ceramic paints and enamels. The surface can be smooth or textured, depending on the needs. This technique can be applied for unique art objects - sculptures and for more "everyday purposes" - walls, doors, facade panels.

The choice of textures can be absolutely unlimited  - from abstract soft patterns to precisely curved image - text or graphic. Inside the glass can appear air bubbles which give an impression of depht and bring unique charm of crafted (not mass produced) product). In our gallery you'll find many examples of our designs - abstract, floral, figurative.
The thickness of glass can vary. The thicker it is - the longer time of processing, slumping and annealing (a process of slowly cooling hot glass objects after they have been formed, to relieve residual internal stresses introduced during manufacture), even up to couple of days.




fusing przyk1

By playing with colors, patterns and thicknesses of the reliefs we can obtain different kinds of partitions - less or more translucent. For the spaces like bathroom it's better to choose opaque type of glass. If we don't want to create pronounced visual barriers we'd recommend lighter textures and colors.

fusing przyk4

Size. The size of the elements can not exceed 1.5 m x 3 m. If larger dimentions are needed, additional divisions should be considered. The weight depends on the thickness of the glass - 1 sq m of 10 mm thick glass is 25 kg.
Installation. Elements made of artistic glass can be an independent element or be a part of the additional structure (metal, wooden). We will help you to chose hardware elements like rails, patches.
Project. The design is based on the customer's idea, developed by us in the form of a computer simulation. Before the final firing, we prepare some samples.
Security. Glass panels can be additionally tempered. 
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