The passage of the Jews through the Red Sea - stained glass in the Communion Bar


"Communion Bar" was founded by Jose and Mel Raido - eccentric brothers from Spain. Playing with the convention, they managed to create a place with a unique character. Interior design deriving from religious motifs has been appreciated by critics. The bar stands out with the unique decor but also with fantastic musical events and excellent drinks. Definitely a must-see while visiting London.




Stained glass under the counter of the bar is 4.6 meters long and 0.75 meters high. Stained glass panel is mounted as a single unit without any division. Part of the stained glass is curved - made of small pieces bent with radius of 40 cm. 


stained glass parting red sea12

 stained glass parting red sea5


Additional Info

  • Technique:: Classical stained glass
  • Character of the object:: Restaurant
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