Trinity - stained glass in a restaurant

"Communion Bar" was founded by Jose and Mel Raido - eccentric brothers from Spain. Playing with the convention, they managed to create a place with a unique character. Interior design deriving from religious motifs has been appreciated by critics. The bar stands out with the unique decor but also with fantastic musical events and excellent drinks. Definitely a must-see while visiting London.

A set of three stained glass represents the Holy Trinity. There are three similar or even the same characters (like the three Rublev's angels) with different symbols:

- God the Father holds the universe in his hands

- Son of God, with the book and the words Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is standing on the background of the cross, the symbol of His death and the Resurrection, which gave us Salvation.

- Holy Spirit with his symbols: the dove and flames.

Each of the stained glass has a dimension of 1.6 meters x 1 meter. All are mounted on the wall of the hall bar next to each other in wooden coffers.

stained glass trinity 10

stained glass trinity 7

stained glass trinity 9


Stained glass windows were made in two stages. First stage was in 2007 when a cycle of "Angels & Gypsies" panels were executed in the restaurant. Three stained glass windows: "Angels and Gypsy Dances", "The Dancer", "The Gypsy Camp", fills external windows and welcomes the Guests. Fourth stained glass panel "campfire" hangs on the wall in the dining room (as a highlighted decorative picture).

Detailed photos of stained glass panels can be viewed by clicking on the map below:mapka parter

In the second stage, in 2013, the newly developed "Communion Bar" in the basement of the building was filled with 15 illuminated stained-glass windows. Religious themes are visible where one enter to the basement: "Jacob's Ladder", "Trinity" - a set of three stained-glass windows, "The Golden Calf" and a set of nine stained-glass windows - portraits - "Expulsion from Paradise" and "The struggle between Good and Evil." The bar is decorated with "Passage of the Jews through the Red Sea." This stained glass panel fills the space under the counter by mapping its shape - bent in an arc.

Stained glass can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails on the map below: 

Piwnica Expulsion from Paradise - stained glass in a restaurant The fight between Good and Evil - stained glass in a restaurant Trinity - stained glass in a restaurant Passage of the Jews through the Red Sea - stained glass in the bar restaurant Golden Calf - stained glass in the restaurant Jacob's Ladder - stained glass in a restaurant


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