Stained glass windows - Battle of Warsaw 1920

Stained glass windows for the church in the suburbs k / Radzymin were designed and painted by Paul Przyrowski. They show St. Faustina and Bl. Fr. Sopoćko in one pair ofwindowa, in the second pair of windows they are devoted to the battle with the Bolsheviks.

Church is located in an area where the key battle of Polish - Russian 1920 war was fought. Here the breakthrough in the war was done. Polish army retreating far up on the outskirts of Warsaw Polish Army passed to the counteroffensive ended with the Riga peace.

One of the hero of the battle, among many others, was a priest Ignacy Skorupka. Conflicting reports are about the nature of his involvement in the battle: according to some he jumped a squad of students to attack and died walking in the front line of attack, according to another he was hit during last ministry to the dying soldier.

In the forests around Joseph, in the days of German occupation they were made air supplies for the Polish partisans. Thus, in one of the stained glass is  the silhouette of Liberator.



Additional Info

  • Designed by:: Pawel Przyrowski
  • Technique:: Classical stained glass
  • Character of the object:: Parish church

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