Art glass memorial plaques

Glass plaques commemorate famous people: actors, scientists, politicians. They're telling the stories of historical sites but can also be the subtle and aesthetic way of advertising

They can be placed both inside and outside the building. A large choice of techniques enables us to carry out complex and original projects. We're open for new and unconventional ideas. Glass plaques are commisioned for many purposes, each one demand a bit different approach - we try to choose the best techniques for every single one of them. Every project is custom made, which makes it unique.
Glass plaques have to combine informative and aesthetic function. Well executed ones should not only have functional features but also decorate the space.
Glass, as a material, is ideal for this purpose - it's noble and durable. With easthetical lettering and graphics it can be placed in most "demanding" spaces (eg historic buildings).
A glass plate of any size, shape and thickness is attached to the wall with metal spacers. Sometimes, to improve readability, we use a sheet of stainless steel as a background. Graphic elements and lettering are executed in diverse techniques: sandblasting, screeprinting, etching or handpainting on glass with ceramic paints. We can also print a photography on the glass as a realistic digital print or processed into a graphic raster, stylized for woodcut or engraving.

radio solidarnosc tablica pamiatkowa warszawa4

Sandblasted lettering


A photography processed into a raster image.

tablica zalewska malgorzata katedra roslin ozdobnych tablica pamiatkowa witraze warszawa

Laser-cut letters attached to glass surface


The glass surface can be smooth or matte, and the glass itself can be clear (Optiwhite or with a green tinge), satin or colored.

The edges are usually polished but sometimes for some aesthetical reasons we decide to leave it raw, to obtain the heavy and noble look.

The choice of the technique depends on the project - the "subject" of the plaque, individual customer's preferences and the budget.

The price varies depending on: size, thickness, amount of text and graphic elements and the mounting system.




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