"Wojtek Zalewski"- Little Insurgent


A glass plaque commemorating Wojciech Zalewski (nicknamed "White Eagle") - an eleven-year-old insurgent from the Chrobry II grouping. He died on August 21, 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising. The plaque is hung at the place of his death.

Commemorative plaque is screen printed, on satin glass. The image processed into the raster was applied in two stages: first a white underprint increasing legibility, then the black graphic. The plaque is attached with two stainless steel point attachment.



tablica szklana pamiatkowa wojtek zalewski powstaniec warszawa

tablica szklana pamiatkowa wojtek zalewski powstaniec warszawa2




Additional Info

  • Designed by:: Tomasz Tuszko
  • Technique:: Own technique

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