Medem Sanatorium in Miedzeszyn

A glass monument commemorating children and staff of Medem Sanatorium - renowned educational and clinical facility for children at risk for tuberculosis. The sanatorium functioned in Miedzeszyn near Warsaw (now, it became a part of the city) between 1926 and 1942. It was named after its founder - Bundist leader Vladimir Medem (1879–1923). The memorial monument was erected thanks to the efforts of the local community. The plaque was designed by Andrzej Rukowicz in cooperation with Tomasz Tuszko. Photography is screenprinted, the text below (in polish, english and hebrew) is engraved and filled with permanent ceramic paint.

sanatorium medema warszawa miedzeszyn szklana tablica pamiatkowa2

sanatorium medema warszawa miedzeszyn szklana tablica pamiatkowa1

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  • Technique:: Own technique

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