"Painted by glass. Made in Germany." Best artistic & stained glass works from Derix studio in Krosno, Poland

10 August 2015 Written by  

The exhibition was organized in Krosno Glass Heritage Centre (www.miastoszkla.pl). Several dozen works in glass, in various techniques, all made in Derix studio has been presented.


Opening of the exhibition began with a welcome by Mrs. Hanna Wajda - Lawer, curator of the exhibition. Than Ms Celina Szelejewska presented Derix studio, with its 150 years tradition.

The works were very well exposed and illuminated (except for a few enclosed in glass cabinets). One have to appreciate the effort put in proper glasses show. 

Direct close contact with stained glass panels deigned by Johannes Schreiter or Raphael Seitz allows us to appreciate the mastery in the use of lead, as an independent factor constructing the design.

Also in the case of works performed in the technique "unleaded" it is possible to see how precisely the glass has been cut and polished - practically without joints.

The ability to touch the panels was valuable for the works painted and assembled in several layers (Gerlach Bente, Graham Jones, Harald Germer).

The work by Rene Blattermann is an example of masterful use of etching and enameling techniques.

The Cappy Thompson's panel with intensive painting of glass suggests at first glance, the use of divisions lead. After direct contact it is obvious that the lead was not used!

Another example of painting on glass is Narcissiusa Quagliaty's panel, where he used a very expressive technique of applying paint.

The classic technique of stained glass with ceramic paints, enamels and etching of glass by John K. Clark looks very modern.

There are also works by Tobias Kammerer and Karl Martin Hartmann.

At the exhibition there is also a panel from one of the most controversial works of recent years - stained glass windows in the Cathedral of Cologne, designed by Gerhard Richter. We wrote about it on our blog (http://www.witraze.info/398-witraz-w-katedrze-w-kolonii).

We highly recommend visiting the exhibition, especially since it's probably the first such opportunity in Poland to see the glass designed by renowned artists: Narcissus Quagliata, Johannes Schreifer, Gerhard Richter, Cappy Thompson, John K. Clark.

The exhibition will be open even to November 2015. Admission is free.

In the gallery below there is a set of reportage photos, we apologize for their quality.