Stained glass with hummingbirds and jellyfishes


Stained glass for the transom window of the entrance door in a tenement house in Belgium. The non-obvious choice of animals was suggested by the clients (or more precisely, their children). The stained glass window was made in a combined technique - classic and Tiffany due to the complexity of the pattern. Some of the glasses are hand-painted with ceramic paints and enamels.


witraz geometryczny w mieszkaniu teodora9

meduzy i kolibry witraz w kamienicy w brukseli2

meduzy i kolibry witraz w kamienicy w brukseli4

meduzy i kolibry witraz w kamienicy w brukseli3

Additional Info

  • Executed by:: Teresa Tuszko
  • Technique:: Classical stained glass
  • Character of the object:: Private residence
  • Location:: Brussels, Belgium

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