Screen printed stained glass in St.Elisabeth Church in Wrocław


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Stained glass windows ordered for 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Polish Underground State. September 28, 2014 the Chapel with the Mausoleum of the Memory of the Polish Underground State was open to the public. The windows are designed by multidisciplinary artist  - Jerzy Kalina, which is the author of many iconic sculptures, stained glass, scenography, films, installations in Poland.

In the central part of the altar is the urn with the ground taken from the cemeteries and battlefields of the Home Army. Right behind the altar is the stone with carved symbols of the Polish underground movement. In the axis of the altar, in front of the entrance to the chapel, there is a stained glass window with Our Lady of Ostra Brama. 

These three elements of the chapel's decor, designed by Jerzy Kalina, were executed in our Studio - a container is made of partialy sandblasted clear glass which gives the impression of freshly excavated,still humid soil, the medallion with Our Lady of Ostra Brama is purposely "blurred" to to emphasize the meanig of time. The third element - 10 meters high gothic stained glass windows are the focal point of the Chapel.

 For many, for whom stained glass is the art of colored glass, it may come as a surprise. It's actually monochrome. It's a figural representation, but not in a classic sense. It represents a dense crowd of figures, participants of a patriotic mystery. The project of Jerzy Kalina was inspired by the photos of Erazm Ciołek that he made during the mass dedicated to his homeland. The photographs were processed by us, converted into a raster that imitates newspaper photography, which underlines documentary character of the work. In the lower part of the stained glass window, we can see individual people, upwards the crowd moves away, blurs until it disappears in the luminous glow in the top of the window.

Such demanding project required the use of unconventional techniques, uncommon in stained glass art. We decided to combine traditional techniques with screen printing. Digital raster were transferred to specially crafted glass and fired, the second layer is handpainted.


Additional Info

  • Idea by:: Jerzy Kalina
  • Executed by:: Tomasz Tuszko
  • Technique:: Combined technique stained glass
  • Character of the object:: Cathedral