Daniel Rycharski - Side gate


"A side gate to heave" (D. Rycharski) is a part of the exhibition "Inside We Are a Fairy Tale" by Daniel Rycharski. The artist has been involved in creative activities in the countryside for years. The latest exhibition was organized in an abandoned farm in his home village of Kurówek. The author addresses the topic of changes in rural areas through the prism of economics, culture and spirituality. Playing with convention, he created a fairy-tale, surreal world for this one day - there is a golden calf in the field, on the wall of the barn hangs a "double" eagle made of ears of wheat and barley symbolizing divisions in society, the royal crown is made of gray hair of the inhabitants instead of metal. A stained glass window inspired by a painting from Jasna Góra was fitted into a rusty old gate leading to the farm. The figure of Mary in a rainbow frame is incorporated into the metal openwork.


 daniel rycharski strachy gay ghost witraz warszawa muzeum sztuki nowoczesnej

Daniel Rycharski furtka z Matka Boska1

Daniel Rycharski furtka z Matka Boska2

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Additional Info

  • Technique:: Classical stained glass
  • Character of the object:: Public Building