Stained glass windows at the St Stanislaw Kostka church in Pila

Stained-glass windows in the post-evangelical church in Pila were partialy destroyed during the WWII. We were asked to fill missing openings with the new windows. Unfortunately the photographic documentation of the original stained glass windows has not been preserved. The only element that survived was the stained glass rosace, which gave us at least some knowledge about the type of stained glass ornaments in this church. According to the expectation of the parish priest Władysław Nowicki, stained glass windows were meant to bring more "Catholic" character to the building. We decided to combine depictions of the saints with decorative floral rim.

pila witraze1

pila witraze8

pila witraze3

pila witraze

Tere is detailed documentation of all the windows. Click on the picture to enter, please.


Additional Info

  • Designed by:: Pawel Przyrowski
  • Technique:: Classical stained glass
  • Character of the object:: Parish church
  • Location:: Pila, Poland

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