Stained glass window in Aruba


One of the most "exotic" works in the history of our studio is a stained glass window on the island of Aruba, belonging to the Archipelago of Lesser Antilles. The stained glass has a diameter of over two meters and represents the flag of Aruba. To vary the design, we created wavy vertical pattern. We used nine different shades of blue for the background! The stained glass panel was joined with the transparent window glass, to create double glazing, and in this form it was safely transported to the site and then mounted.


The Aruban flag has four colors: The blue represents the sea that surrounds Aruba; yellow is the color of abundance, representing the island's past and its industries of gold, aloe and oil; red is for the love each Aruban has for the country and the ancient industry of Brazilwood and white symbolizes the snow-white beaches as well as the purity of the hearts of Aruba's people who strive for justice, order and liberty.


aruba stained glass windows witraze sc warszawa4

aruba stained glass windows witraze sc warszawa2

aruba stained glass windows witraze sc warszawa

aruba stained glass windows witraze sc warszawa6

aruba stained glass windows witraze sc warszawa5

Additional Info

  • Technique:: Classical stained glass
  • Character of the object:: Company Seat
  • Location:: Aruba

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