Special Commissions

Stained glass windows in unusual shapes and techniques. Sometimes in the form of 3D structures. Stained glass means not only a "window". Many interesting things can be created from the stained glass - a highlighted bar in a restaurant, a sculpture or an artistic installation.

We are open to new (even the craziest) ideas.

Our goal as the Studio is not to limit ourselves to ready and safe solutions and to undertake the most original orders. In cooperation with specialists from various fields, we are able to produce unusual constructions, lighting elements, pure art objects. The asset of our studio is versatility - by combining different techniques of Art Glass we are able to succed with the most demanding commisions.

stained glass zeppelin 1

stained glass zeppelin

A Zeppelin - stained glass panel is attached to steel support structure and backlit. Milk glass difuses the light.

bar mel londyn

Illuminated bar counter in London. The stained glass is protected from the front by a strong clear protective glass. What's more, the stained glass wraps around the curve - nothing is impossible.