baner konserwacja obiektow

WITRAŻE s.c. Studio specialize in the restoration, conservation and repair of glass and ceramics.

We have long experience working with objects of historical value as well as the contemporary ones. Every project is treated with equal care, whether a rare antique treasure or a personal object with only a sentimental value (souvenirs, family heirlooms). We have served private individuals, collectors, museums, other institutions and foundations. Our conservator has knowledge of technology, historical styles and the chemistry of materials used to make and mend any type glass and ceramic of item.

We are using modern technologies and advanced equipment. Our repairs are done with quality adhesives such as epoxy resins. Resins can be tinted to match the glass colour and texture and they have a same refractive index to glass. This makes joints less noticeable, especially on cut glass and crystal.


What kind of objects can be repaired?

We repair, fix and restore a wide range of materials which include glass, crystal, pottery, ceramic, porcelain, china. Our restoration services include almost any (antique or not) collectible, art object, statues, tableware, lampshades etc. We are able to reproduce decorative parts - eteched, sandblasted, engraved, carved, painted.


Our Restoration Offer

The conservation program is determined after the preliminary inspection of the object and getting acquainted with the client's expectations. Knowledge about the origin and function of the object allows us to choose the most suitable technique to restore the object. Depending on client's expectations regarding the desired effect of the restoration process, we offer below listed types of procedures:

cleaning and protection against further degradation
strengthening cracks
Renovation :
remove of old repairs (if necessary)
reassembly of the shells of broken glass/ceramic object
retouching of decorations on preserved fragments without reconstruction of missing parts.
remove of old repairs (if necessary)
reassembly of the shells of broken glass/ceramic object
reconstruction of decorations on preserved parts
complete reconstruction of missing parts neutral or with precise reconstruction of decoration


Tips for Customers

Wrap each piece separately in white tissue paper. Collect even the tiniest chips (It's very important!). Do not try to tape fragments or fit the pieces together as more damage can be done by grating the edges together.