Stained glass windows in the oldest Catholic Church in Tokyo, Kanda, Japan


Stained glass windows in the oldest Catholic church in Tokyo (St. Francis Xavier Church). It's located in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, a district of Tokyo. Windows (about 70 sqm.) are designed by Teresa M. Reklewska together with Pawel Przyrowski.


Kanda church interior


Scheme of all the stained glass windows in the church

Click on the miniature to enlarge selected window. Every window has a detailed description with theological explanation.

Stained glass windows in Kanda Church, Tokyo, Japan


Stained glass windows in the aisles represents alegoric interpretation of Confession of Faith - 'Credo'. Each window consists of six or eight separate images, derived from the New and the Old Testament. Three upper windows, over the gallery slightly differs from the rest of them. It's devoted to the martyrdom of christians in Japan. The persecutions, which lasted 300 years, were extremly cruel and violent. People depicted in the windows are just one of the thousands of killed in those days. They were tortured, burned to death or crucified.

Stained glass windows are commissioned by the parish priest - Fujio Antonio Izumi. A detailed description of our stained glass windows is at Kanda church website (in Japan)Kanda church website (in Japan).




kanda maryja z jezusem drzewo

Additional Info

  • Designed by:: Teresa Maria Reklewska
  • Designed together with:: Paweł Przyrowski
  • Technique:: Classical stained glass
  • Character of the object:: Parish church
  • Location:: Tokyo Kanda, Japan

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