Cracked glass repairs

25 February 2020 Written by  

Glass, due to its physical structure, presents many challenges to the conservators.

Physics and in particular optics are definitely not on our side! At first glance we perceive glass as a solid and yet its structure is more like a solidified liquid.. On its surface you can see every flaw, and even one small chip can reflect the light in a not very favorable way, that will irritate the owner of a glass object. That's when the conservator comes in with his numerous mysterious bottles filled with different resins and solvents ready to deal with almost any challenge.

We always try to realistically assess possible repair results and inform the customer about them before starting work. Our goal is primarily to restore damaged glass objects to their former function and appearance so that they again please the eye of the owner. We do our best basing on knowledge and many years of experience, but one must be always aware that glass has its caprices and the effect is not always 100% predictable.


Customers often wonder what the final effect of the repair will be. How to reconnect several pieces of glass so that you can't see the joints? Is it even feasible?

Such questions are completely understandable. However, the answer is not so simple. Glass conservation is a complex and often lengthy process. Bonding, staining material for restorations, multi-stage cavity filling process, creating silicone forms to reproduce missing parts ... A difficult task, but often the effects exceed the expectations of customers:

eng glueing bonding broken glass vessels poland1

eng glueing bonding broken glass vessels poland


It should be remembered that the best results we get in the case of matte / satin glass and in opaque color:

eng glueing bonding broken glass vessels poland2

eng glueing bonding broken glass vessels poland4

eng glueing bonding broken glass vessels poland3


Glossy and colorless glass behaves a bit worse - it has optical properties enhancing the lines of cracks on the surface and possible air bubbles "trapped" in the resin between two glass fragments:

eng glueing bonding broken glass vessels poland6

eng glueing bonding broken glass vessels poland5

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