Commemorative plaques for the victims of Smoleńsk catastrophe


Glass plaques commemorating the victims of the Smolensk catastrophe were made according to the concept of architect Dorota Wójcicka - Żurko. Plaque commemorating Grażyna Gęsicka was placed on the building of the Ministry of Development, that she had managed. On the wall of the Office For War Veterans and Victims of Oppression of the Republic of Poland, there is a plaque dedicated to Janusz Krupski, the former head of the institution. The plaques are made of solid thick glass. The portraits and part of the inscriptions are screen printed with ceramic permanent paint, fired at high temperature. Big letters (with the names of the victims) are cut out of brushed stainless steel. The plaques are mounted with stainless steel standoffs. Under the glass, as a background we've placed a brushed stainless steel.


odsloniecie tablicy pamiatkowej gesicka smolensk1

odsloniecie tablicy pamiatkowej gesicka smolensk

odsloniecie tablicy pamiatkowej janusz krupski smolensk


Additional Info

  • Technique:: Own technique
  • Character of the object:: Public Building

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