Crystal glass chandelier repair

The restored object comes from a crystal chandelier. The chandelier consists of curved crystal glass tubes, in a cross-section resembling the shape of a "flower". Elements made in this way are created by winding a portion of glass on a metal rod, giving it a proper shape in metal or wooden form and pulling to achieve the desired length.

One of the described tubes has been broken at the joint with the metal bushing. To mend this item, first, we had to remove the old glue (failed repair attempt of the owner) and to clean it. To reinforce the jonts, we decided to use a stainless steel frame. It will be slightly visible, but significantly increase the strength of the structure. We chose a glue with appropriate strength and adjusted optical properties..

This work is a good example of attempts to repair glass by amateurs (with good intentions). In this case, the bad choice of glue not only lowered the aesthetic value of the chandelier, but caused also a serious danger: the substance have quickly became yellow and weak. We can imagine how much damage would be done if the glued element would break again. At best, the final destruction of glass, at worst - the price would be someone's health. That is why it is worth entrusting the destroyed glass in the hands of an expert.



 klejenie szklanego żyrandola naprawa konserwacja szkla antyki


klejenie szklanego żyrandola naprawa konserwacja szkla antyki przed


klejenie szklanego żyrandola naprawa konserwacja szkla antyki po

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