Tempered bent glass

We offer tempering service for curved glass. The requirements for tempering:

  • circular arc - the curvature must be a segment of a circular (not eliptical) arc and without flat sections
  • the radius of the arc must be above 1.1 meters / 39 inches

Glass processing (thermal bending and tempering) is fully automated in one step. It is not possible to toughen the previously bent glass. Laminated, coated or varnished glass (lakomat) is not suitable for bending and hardening.

Bending of tempered glass is possible only for circular arcs with radius > 1 meter.

Technical parameters of tempered glass:
The maximum dimension of the bending sheet: 2440 × 2500 mm
The minimum dimension of the bending sheet: 500 × 600 mm
Glass thickness: up to 10 mm
Arch of bent glass: not larger than 1/4 circle
Bending radius: from 1000 mm
Deflection arrow: resultant

We offer production of double glazing with curved glass with possibility of choice of the finishing (colour of the seals). Our insulated panels are not filled with gas. We use spacers filled with desiccant and silicon for the edge sealing.