Spy Stained Glass

19 March 2014 Written by  

It's a stained glass project - what else could it be?

An old latin maxim on the sash says "Faith always triumphs over everything". The stained glass project depicts armorial bearing with a decorative laurel motif. Lead pattern is done, only colored glass is missing. The stained glass with no doubt!

But are we sure? Let's take a closer look.

 This drawing is one of the secret sketches by Robert Baden-Powell, a founder of the Scout movement.

In his book ?My Adventures as the Spy"?My Adventures as the Spy, published in 1915, he wrote:

 ?Here is another of the methods by which I concealed the plans of the forts I made.


Having done this, I would consider the best method of concealing my plans.

In this case I decided to transform the sketch into that of a stained glass window, and if you will carefully examine the picture above you will see how successfully this has been done.

Certain of the decorations signify the sizes and positions of the guns. These signs are given below, together with their meaning.




A. 15 cm. gun;

B. Howitzers;

C.disappearing guns;

D. 12 cm. guns;

E. Machine guns;

F. Searchlight.

This is what Baden-Powell wrote about his reconnaissance work:

On the other hand, the exceedingly stupid Englishmen who wandered about foreign countries sketching cathedrals, or catching butterflies, or fishing for trout, were merely laughed at as harmless lunatics. These have even invited officials to look at their sketch-books, which, had they had any suspicion or any eyes in their heads, would have revealed plans and armaments of their own fortresses interpolated among the veins of the botanist's drawings of leaves or on the butterflies' wings of the entomologist.

An astonishing story of interweaving between the stained glass art and the art of spy activity.

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