Curved glass scenography

Curved glass scenography fot. Natalia Kabanow (archiwum Wrocławskiego Teatru Współczesnego)

The bending radius for this work was determined by the Fibonacci Sequence. This unusual commission was made by Contemporary Theatre from Wrocław. The set of a bent glass panels was the central element of the set design for the play  "Nie trzeba"

The Fibonacci sequence is associated with the figure of one of the greatest mathematicians who gave a proof for (nearly 100 years old) Henry's Poincaré hypothesis about topology. In 2000, the American Mathematical Institute Claya put this hypothesis on the list of seven open mathematical problems, calling them millennia and funding a $ 1 million prize for each solution. The protagonist of the performance Perelman published the proof in 2003, the confirmation took scientists three years. In 2006 Perelman received the Fields medal for this achievement - in mathematics it is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize. However, he did not accept the medal, as well as a million dollars in 2010. In 2005, he quit his job at the Mathematical Stiekłow Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, he abandoned his scientific work, moved away from the world and peopleand decided to live alone in one of the post-soviet apartment blocks of St. Petersburg. His further fate is unknown

fibonacci nie trzeba scenografia giete szklo2

fibonacci nie trzeba scenografia giete szklo1