Art glass partitions and walls

Glass walls can serve as partitions, but at the same time they decorate the interior. Clear glass as the only material can always match the color of the interior "taking on" colors. Colored glass, on the other hand, can be a dominant, a focal point of the whole interior. The glass wall can be made of slumped or fused glass, colored or neutral, with any pattern and texture. The desired effect can be achieved with the help of various techniques. Below, a couple of examples that show the techniques and possibilities for art glass partitions.

scianka ze szkla artystycznego faktura bezbarwne szklo witraze warszawa

Glass installation - directly into the existing wall or using hardware system ( rails or patches )

scianka ze szkla artystycznego faktura wzor lisci szklo witraze warszawa

A wall with a door consisting of several art glass panels enclosed in a wooden frame.

witrazowe drzwi wnetrze

Classic stained glass partition.


Slumped glass, unlike stained glass, is characterized by the fact that the glazing can be without joints - just one sheet made to size. A single glass panel can be up to 1.5m x 3m! The thickness of the glass depends on the size of the glass - the larger the sheet size, the greater the thickness of the glass. Glass walls can be curved.

The glass design is based on the client's idea. All the inspiration pictures and photos of the interior are welcomed. The project is prapared in close cooperation with the customer. It is worth to visit us in person, in order to view samples and examples of our works. We're here to help you on technical and design issues. Our designers prepare the digital project that they send to the customer. After the final acceptance, we start the production.

Size. The size of the elements can not exceed 1.5 m x 3 m. If larger dimentions are needed, additional divisions should be considered. The weight depends on the thickness of the glass - 1 sq m of 10 mm thick glass is 25 kg.
Installation. Elements made of artistic glass can be an independent element or be a part of the additional structure (metal, wooden). We will help you to chose hardware elements like rails, patches.
Project. The design is based on the customer's idea, developed by us in the form of a computer simulation. Before the final firing, we prepare some samples.
Security. Art glass for walls is usually thicker than standard glass, which automatically increases its resistance. Glass panels can be additionally tempered. 

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