Art glass used in the ceilings, plafonds, domes

Art glass ceilings and domes for houses and public buildings. We offer a wide range of techniques - classic leaded glass, fused glass, curved glass, textured or smooth with different colors and patterns. Glass ceilling will look great during the day, after the sunset it can be backlit with artificial light, becoming a colorful unique "lamp". We make suspended panels, skylights, lamps, as well as objects of a slightly larger scale - plafonds and domes.

swietlik ze szkla stapianego w domu

Fused glass ceiling

kopula z witrazu kalejdoskopowy wzor warszawa wilanow1

Stained glass dome


Glass for the ceilings can be flat or curved. For the safety reasons fused glass panels are toughten. Stained glass panels are reinforced with metal bars. The weight of 1 sq meter of glazing depends on the thickness of the glass. For a typical, tempered glass, used for fused glass ceiling panels, with a thickness of 10 mm, it's 25 kg / sq m. Each additional 1 millimeter of thickness raises the weight by 2.5 kg. Our projects are made digitaly. We encourage you to visit our Studio to discuss the project and to watch glass samples. We'd like to share with you our experience and knowledge. For any technical or esctethical advices contact us, we'll be happy to answer all your questions.


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