Artistic glass lighting - plafonds, lampshades, lamps

Art glass "lives" thanks to the penetrating light. Lamps and ceilings made of art glass are therefore one of the best ideas for an interesting interior. We specialise not only in classic stained-glass lamps, but also in various illuminated ceilings and domes. We also make illuminated "light boxes" - paintings made of artistic glass. Lighting appliances can be produced in a variety of techniques.


lampy lomianki 5

Milk glass wall lamp with 90 degree bent glass


lampy ze szkla stapianego na zamowienie witraze warszawa

Chandeliers in vivid colors made of art glass

Art glass components can be curved, and tempered. Art glass, unlike the stained glass technique allows us to create an uniform surface, made on measure, without any joints.

Maximum dimensions of art glass (fused glass, slumped glass) panels are up to 1.5 meters by 3 meters! However, with such large dimensions, the thickness of the glass increases.The weight of 1 sq m of glazing depends on the thickness of the glass. For a typical, tempered glass, used for ceiling panels, with a thickness of 10 mm, this weight will amount to 25 kg / sq m. Each additional 1 millimeter of thickness raises the weight by 2.5 kg.

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