Art glass in the shower cabins


Thick art glass can be used for shower cabins - unusual patterns and colors will turn "trivial" place like bathroom into something really unique. Solid, tempered glass is safe and easy to maintain. 


kabina prysznicowa ze szkla artystycznego listki bluszcz niebieski3


The surface of the art glass panel for the bathroom can be textured or smooth, designed according to customer's needs. Glass wall can be also curved. For safety reasons it can be tempered ( it's possible only for specific curves and dephts of the texture ). Glass can be colored throughout the mass - the color is permanent and waterproof. The glass wall will noth change the look with the time. The project is prepared according to customer's idea. We encourage you to visit our Studio in order to watch the samples and consult the project. We're here to help you with any technological (and estethical) issues. You'll get the final project in form of digital visualisation.


We are able to produce glass panel with maximum dimensions up to 1.5 meters by 3 meters! However, with such large dimensions, the glass should be bit thicker. The weight of 1 sq meter of glazing depends on the thickness of the glass. For a typical, tempered glass (10 mm) it's 25 kg / sq m. Each additional 1 millimeter of thickness raises the weight by 2.5 kg.


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