Art glass in the shape of columns


Art glass formed in the shape of columns can mask construction elements or it be a decorative object, a sculpture with no practical importance. In the picture above - a column in the Coco Mocca cafe in Warsaw.


kolumna oferta szkla artystycznego stapianego

Glass column at the lawyer's office - an object of pure art with no practical application.


Glass columns are made of curved glass sections. Their number and the fixing system depends on particular project. Art glass used for columns can be textured or smooth, neutral or colored. Fused glass technique can be easly combined with many other techniques like: sandblasting or printing on glass. Glass column can be also illuminated from the inside - it's offen applied in coffeshops and restaurants to create specific atmosphere inside. The project is prepared according to customer's idea. We encourage you to visit our Studio in order to watch the samples and consult the project. We're here to help you with any technological (and estethical) issues. You'll get the final project in form of digital visualisation.


We are able to produce glass panel with maximum dimensions up to 1.5 meters by 3 meters! However, with such large dimensions, the glass should be bit thicker. The weight of 1 sq meter of glazing depends on the thickness of the glass. For a typical, tempered glass (10 mm) it's 25 kg / sq m. Each additional 1 millimeter of thickness raises the weight by 2.5 kg.


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