Tombstones made of art glass

Bespoke glass tombstones and memorials.
Each project is custom-designed - unique, created according to the wishes of the customer.

nagrobek ze szkła szklana tablica nagrobkowa witraze warszawa


Tombstones are made out of  the solid, thick glass panes, tinted throughout the mass (not on the surface), which makes the color permanent and resistant to weather conditions.

We use various techniques to create the gravestones. Glass panes can be colored or neutral, smooth or textured. The pattern and the lettering  can be "carved" directly in glass surface or it can be a separate element (eg. metal) attached to the panel afterwards.
We encourage you to read our Commemorative Plaque Offer. The techniques applied to create those plaques can be also used in glass tombstones production.

Examples of art glass tombstones

The glass design can be based on the customer's idea - we are ready to help you with any technological and esthetic issues. We encourage you also to visit our Studio to discuss the project and to see the samples. The project is sent form approval as a digital graphic.


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