Conservation of stained glass windows from historical masion

Conservation of stined glass windows from the historical mansion in Brwinów, built in 1905-1910 by Zygmunt Bartkiewicz, the excentric novelist according to his own project. Damaged window consists of 16 casements - to be precise: 12 stained glass panels, one etched, one original transparent glazing and one duplicate.

gdzie naprawic witraz warszawa konserwacja szkla

An interesting feature is the extremely rare technique of cutting and assembling glass that involves placing one piece of glass inside the other, separated by a lead profile. We can admire mastery in cutting complicated shapes from very delicate glass, 1-2 mm thick:

naprawa witraza warszawa

Our aim was to restore the former glory to the stained glass windows and glazing without removing it from the frame (it would cause more damage to it) and preserving as much as possible of the original piece. So instead of exchanging damaged glass and lead with new one, we glued cracks and filled in the cavities, while lead was chemically and mechanically strengthened. Such restoration method is applied for glass windows from historic monuments. Unfortunately, sometimes it's runevitable to remove and replace original elements due to it's critical condition just to avoid further damage of the neighboring elements. We also decided to replace secondary glazing with new one in order to match the original one.


Restoration procedure, step-by-step:
1. Photographic documentation.
2. Creating "map of damages".
3. Mechanical and chemical cleaning of the surface.
4. Correction of putty.
5. Correction of the position of the displaced glasses.
6. Preparation of glass fragments and cracks before gluing.
7. Gluing.
8. Reconstruction of missing fragments.
9. Lead repair.
10. Final cleaning.
11.Praparation of the documents required in case of historical monuments.

In the photo gallery you can see "before and after" collages:

1. Cleaning.
2. Repair of a cavity filled partially with glass, partly with putty and lead. Purification of the defect and reconstruction of the missing fragment of etched glass.
3. Gluing.