Stained glass restoration and repair

stained glass restoration and renovation

WITRAZE s.c. provides restoration and reconstruction services. We can repair damaged stained glass and art glass windows and lamps.

Cracked pieces from stained glass panel are removed and replaced by identical or matching ones. We do our best to faithfully reproduce the original work of art. In some cases, when particular glass is no longer avaible in stores, we manufacture it on our own. We clean historic stained glass pieces and reassemble them with new lead. If needed, we reinforce weak and exposed spots. Basing on photographic archives and on our iconography knowledge we're able to recreate from scratch a completely destroyed historical stained glass window.

We do repairs of broken stained glass lampshades. With a good reinforcement they can last for many years.

We recreate art glass panels and small art glass objects. We do not recommend repairing broken art glass objects because they are made as a one-piece, and in most cases it's better to recreate them and replace as a whole/albo fully replace. However in some cases we can assembly broken art glass pieces

We recreate broken bent and spherical glass.

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