Custom designed stained glass

we create stained glass windows


Service of design and execution of stained glass.

Strongest point of our proposal is a combination of design stage and execution of stained glass in an integrated unity.

At the very begining of designing a stained glass window we consider the location of the building relative to the sunlight ( the intensity of light ) and character of the interior. Our designer is also part of executing team - constantly monitors and corrects the work and personally paints stained glass. Joining the the design and execution of stained glass in one indissoluble whole is the specificity of our offer - typically artist deliver finished design and caraftsman tries to recreate best as he can. In our opinion artist's participation in the work provides the best results.

Our team deals with stained glass for 30 years. We have the experience and artistic achievements

For your order will be responsible the team that was created and educated by legendary Polish stained glass artist Teresa Maria Reklewska. We created monumental stained glass windows in historic baroque objects in Poland and abroad (England, Scotland, Austria, Lithuania, Finland, Japan, USA). We worked for the most demanding customers (President of the Republic of Poland, PZU, Suzaku Japan, Jesuit Order).

We work in traditional stained glass technique. We have rich technical and material possibilities

We can produce any size of stained glass window because the work takes place in a buildinig specially designed for the purpose of stained glass studio. In studio there is large windows easel, several glass klins and richly stocked warehouse of glass. We have almost all kinds of stained glass - the Polish one and the best producers in the world. We work in traditional stained glass technique, inpired by medieval art but enriched by new technologies.

Low prices - not appropriate for high-quality

The prices of our services comparing to their complexity (the design is included in the price) and the efforts involved (manually painting the entire stained glass rather than individual glasses, burning glasses usually twice and sometimes multiple) are very competitive. We do not give here exact pricing, becouse it is heavily dependent on the specific art project, size and shape of individual pieces of glass, type of glass technique.


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