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Architectural Art Glass - Comprehensive Services

Design & Execution

Every project is unique, created exclusively for each client to suit their individual taste. Our strongest point is combining the design process and the execution in one, inseparable entirety. Starting the first sketches, we take into consideration the building orientation (the intensity of light) and characteristics of interior space.

Glass Artist's Supervision

Our arists are watching over each project. The designer is also the manufacturer, constantly supervising the whole process. The first phase is the digital project. After approval we start the manufacturing phase. If needed you can ask us to prepare a sample first.

Experience & Achievements

Through years of practice we created a strong and skilled team, able to solve every problem. 30 years of experience in glass-making, technical abilities and the strong knowledge of glass properties brought us recognition in the art world. We accomplished a number of projects (in private and public buildings) including large scale works and unusual pieces recquiring advanced technology. We've been working for the most demanding customers like: Polish National Security Bureau, Polish Supreme Audit Office, Hyatt Regency, Victoria Sofitel Hotel in Warszawa and many others. Our works can be found all over the country and abroad (USA, Latavia, Ireland, Serbia etc.)

Professional Equipment

WITRAZE s.c. studio is adapted to execute glass objects in every shape and size. At any level of complexity. Our equipment- from contemporary electric kilns with microprocessor controllers to proffesional glass tools, let us work in multiples techniques. The maximum dimension of art glass panel we can produce is 3 x 1,5m. (9,84 x 4,92ft).

We're using many types of glass and the components for fused glass are made by us or imported from Europe and USA.

Affordable Prices

Our know-how enabels us to make our prices more friendly - there is no need for our client to pay for our glass education and our glass errors. Our prices includes the cost of the project, computer visualisation, samples - there is no additional costs. Still the prices are very competetive. We're not able to give you a fixed price list because our pricing is determined by several factors: complexity of art design, materials, technique, size and shape, but feel free to contact us. We will make our best to answer all your questions.

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