Stained glass windows in Inverness Catholic Church

11 January 2014


Stained glass windows in St Mary's Catholic Church w Inverness, (Scotland).

The Catholic Church in Scotland experienced difficult moments in its history. Catholicism was almost 300 years legally prohibited. The revival of Catholicism began only in the nineteenth century. In twentieth century , the wave of widespread secularization made that the faithful disappeared. Buildings of churches, not only Catholic, have often been sold or converted to residences or restaurants.

After Poland accession to the European Union a mass emigration of young Poles to the British Isles started. A large part of them went to Scotland. Pretty large Polish community live in Inverness in the north of Scotland. On the basis inter alia of local Poles who actively participate in the religious life - Inverness parish is growing rapidly .

The parish priest works with priests Poles who came to the Islands in the wake of the Polish immigrants . To bear witness to the presence of Poles in Inverness Pastor ordered in our studio window dedicated to the memory of Father Jerzy Popieluszko. In this window are the symbols associated with Poland.

The second window ordered from us is devoted to John Vianney, patron of priests.

In the third stage, we made four stained glass windows dedicated to: Holy Trinity and St. Faustina, St. Mary MacKillop, St . Joseph, Carmelitan Women Saints ( Edith Stein , Therese of Avilla , Therese from Lisieux ).

Below is the schedule of windows in the church:

 map of windows St. Joseph stained glass window St. Mary MacKillop stained glass window St. John Maria Vianney stained glass window Holy Trinity and St. Faustina stained glass window Carmelitan Women Saints stained glass window

Additional Info

  • Designed together:: Pawel Przyrowski and Tomasz Tuszko
  • Concept of:: Fr Joseph Bell
  • Technique:: Classical stained glass
  • Character of the object:: Parish church
  • Location:: Inverness, Scotland

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