Stained glass in sacral buildings

design and execution of stained glass for churches


Stained glass in Sacral Buildings - design & manufacture service.

Design & Manufacturing

Our strongest point is combining the design process and the execution in one, inseparable entirety. Starting the first sketches, we take into consideration the church/chapel orientation (the intensity of light), the style and characteristics of interior space. Together, with the client we discuss the theological theme for the whole windows set. In our Studio the designer is also the manufacturer, constantly supervising the whole process. This is the best way to obtain a coherent, high-quality art work.

If needed we can execute a new window frames, we can also remove the old ones. We provide stained-glass installation.

Experienced Team

Our studio was established by a Polish stained-glass legend - Teresa Maria Reklewska. Through years of practice under her guidance, we created a strong and skilled team, specialized in ecclesiastic art. 30 years of experience in glass-making, technical abilities and the strong knowledge of glass properties brought us recognition in the art world. We accomplished a dozens of monumental stained-glass windows in historical and new churches. Our works can be found all over the country and abroad (Austria, England, Scotland, Lithuania, Japan, South Korea etc.)

Wide Range of Glass-Techniques

We're using only genuine, authentic glass-techniques, providing durability and the best visual effect. We're not making faux stained glass. WITRAZEs.c. studio is adapted to execute glass objects in every shape and size. At any level of complexity. Our equipment- from contemporary electric kilns to quasi-medieval artisan tools, let us work in multiples techniques. We're using top-quality glass products from local and international suppliers - like German Glashütte Lamberts and French St Gobain.

Affordable Prices

Our prices include the cost of the project- there is no additional costs. We're not able to give you a fixed price list because our pricing is determined by several factors: complexity, materials, technique, size and shape, but feel free to contact us. We will make our best to answer all your questions.

We're open to negociate payment options (installment payments etc.).

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