Access to the architectural and stained glass studio in Warszawa

Our address:
Dzieciola 1, 04 - 988 Warszawa

We are located in Warszawie Miedzeszyn (district Wawer) i green part of the city.
Thanks to the two-lane roadway Wal Miedzeszyński it is very comfortable to get to us from the downtown. It takes approx. 20 minutes (in the off-peak hours ie from 8 to 14). Below we describe the details (map and photos).


Wal Miedzeszynski street is the most convenient way to reach our studio from the center of Warsaw:

  1. Drive, two-lane street Wal Medzeszynski in the Pulawy direction, please
  2. You should cross the roundabout - street intersection with Trakt Lubelski and continue driving straight ahead - Wal Miedzeszyński street becomes single carriageway
  3. Continue driving ahead and pass on the right side of Shell gas station
  4. After passing the gas station drive ahead and pass on the left Przewodowa street with a dedicated lane to turn left (do not turn!) - the first photo below shows the moment
  5. Go ahead next 300 meters to the next way appearing on the left side - it is next to the bus stop and our billboard (picture below) - turn left into Rosiczki street (asphalt surface)
  6. Drive Rosiczki street approx. 150 meters - there is our building visible from a perspective, the only such in the area - with an arched roof
  7. From Rosiczki street turn into the first street to the left - Dzieciola street (asphalt surface)
  8. Drive down the street approx. 30 meter, - left right, the first building with a roof-shaped semicylindrical - is our Studio

 bydynek pracowni witraży

If you are interested in our work you are welcome to visit us! We often work outside of the studio so it it advised to contact us earlier by phone.

phone : +48 22 740 41 37;
cell: +48 601 80 30 58

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