Sacral stained glass

01 March 2014

Perfect stained glass windows and the light they filter, co-create sacral space of the church interior. They inluence both by the artistic representations they consist, as well as through the coloured light itself. We are aware of this fact, when we create in our Studio stained glass windows destined for the ecclesiastic interiors, and executing them in the technique that stems from middle ages. We offer artistic designs, consultations - both artistic and technical, we consult also theological program of the windows. We help - when neded - to find craftsman specialized in window-frames making. We offer also conservation services. Our artists-designers are involved in stained glass window realisation at the every stage of it's emerging - that is the uniquenes and strenght of our Studio..

Gallery of sacral stained glass made by our StudioOffer of design and execution of sacral stained glass





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