Versace x Rosenthal - restoration

Recently, we had a chance of working with an unique vase - a crystal bowl from the limited collection Rosenthal meets Versace. The collection of crystal dishes is an accompaniment to porcelain set, designed for Rosenthal first by Gianni, then by Donatella Versace. A beautiful and delicate bowl is made of blown crystal glass with Medusa's head made of frosted glass and placed between the foot and the bowl. The vase was destroyed during an unfortunate fall. It came to us in several parts. It turned out that someone was already tried to glue it, so after removing the (unprofesional yellowish) weld more fragments and numerous cavities have appeared. Due to the extremely noble optical properties of the crystal glass, we had to patiently separate and thoroughly clean the contact surfaces and edges in the first place. Then, we assembled all parts in the multi-stage gluing process. In the final stage, we filled up the cavities.

We are looking forward for more interesting orders like the restoration of this intriguing combination of the Versace project with Rosenthal's technical perfection!


patera rosenthal gianni versace konserwacja naprawa stluczona klejenie warszawa

patera versace przed


And after...

patera versace po

patera versace po2a

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