Art Glass Doors

Bespoke leaded and fused glass doors are perfect solution for both private houses and for public buildings - restaurants, offices, hotels. It can be a simple glass panel - without the frame, hinged or sliding. The glass can also be an insert for wooden or metal doors. Slumped and fused glass door can be tempered in order to increase safety and durability properties.

Every project is unique and custom designed. We offer a wide range of techniques and effects.  Art glass can be neutral or colored, opaque or transparent according to customer's preferences. Glass doors and partition are dividing the space in  very subtle and elegant way. They're creating a visual barrier and  letting the light pass throught at the same time.


Double glazed sliding doors.


Satin glass double doors and partition.


Fused glass sliding doors in vivid colors.

drzwi zestawienie

 Glass doors in the classic stained glass technique - stained glass panel in the metal frame. Leaded glass can be also an inlay for a wooden, plastic or metal door.

witraze klasyczne krysztal szkla fasetowane we wnetrzu warszawa

Stained glass panel with bevels in wooden door.

Size. The size of the door panel can not exceed 1.5 m x 3 m. For larger dimesions, additional divisions should be considered. The weight of a typical door panel is approx. 50 kg. Slumped and fused glass door are most often produced as a single glass panel with hardware. We produce also smaller inserts for wooden and metal doors.
Reinforcement. Fused glass doors are tempered for safety reasons. Leaded glass door require additional reinforcement systems to avoid wobbling.
Hardware. For our doors we chose different types of hardware (brackets, hinges, rails) depending on the type of door. We use quality systems from the best manufacturers (the weight of glass requires solid and durable solutions).
Project. We're making a visualisation of the door panel. Additionaly we offer to make a sample of glass to ensure the final effect.
Material. For slumped and fused glass doors - glass 8 or 10 mm thick. For stained glass doors - wide rande of glass (mostly from US and Germany).



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