Small stained glass panel repair

Small stained glass depicting biblical scene of the blessing of Adam and Eve by God is a unique wedding gift for a young couple. That is why the owners - now, a few dozen years older - decided to give their tooth-torn gift to our glass conservator. It was necessary to recreate broken and missing element an relead the whole panel.

naprawa witrazayka pamiatkowego warszawa potluczone szkielka3

Since the stained glass was a souvenir from a family collection without any historical value, it was up to our client to decide about the restoration technique (between preserving the old broken elements by gluing them and filling the cavities with resin and total replacement of broken pieces and putting the new ones in their place). The renovated stained glass panel will last for many more years to witness future marriage anniversaires of the owners!

naprawa witrazayka pamiatkowego warszawa potluczone szkielka2

Reconstruction of the broken fragments - the shapes were re-cut and painted faithfully to the original.

naprawa witrazayka pamiatkowego warszawa potluczone szkielka1


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