Art Glass in the Furnitures

Art glass components for furniture - cabinets, doors, tables etc.

witrazowe drzwi w szafkach kuchennyh krysztalowe szlifowane szkla warszawa

witrazowe drzwi w szafkach kuchennyh krysztalowe szlifowane szkla warszawa3

Stained glass inlays for the kitchen cabinet

fusing szklany panel litery chinskie warszawa witraze sc1

Slumped glass panel as a cabinet door

For the furniture inlays you can choose:

-stained glass panel
- simple sheet of colored glass (used for stained glass), cut to size
- slumped and fused glass (Slumped and fused glass unlike to the stained glass can be produced as a one piece sheet, withaout any joints, made to measure)
- sandblasted glass, curved glass, laminated glass, tempered or not.
- combined technique art glass

We are able to produce glass panel with maximum dimensions up to 1.5 meters by 3 meters! However, with such large dimensions, the glass should be bit thicker. The weight of 1 sq meter of glazing depends on the thickness of the glass. For a typical, tempered glass (10 mm) it's 25 kg / sq m. Each additional 1 millimeter of thickness raises the weight by 2.5 kg.

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